5 reasons to pick an all-inclusive hotel on your next trip

Have you ever imagined going on a trip where children can play, while one parent enjoys the spa and the other goes skiing? Staying in an all-inclusive hotel is a great way to bring everyone together. And that’s just one of the reasons!

  1. Convenience

By choosing an all-inclusive hotel, you only have one job: select the dates. The rest will all be organized for you: flights, transfers, check-in, passes, equipment and classes. The ski lessons are included, just as the après-ski! In other words: stress and worry level zero. And those going to learn how to ski don’t even need to worry: there are group lessons based on your level and ability every day.

  1. It’s ideal for families with children

The children are special guests at the all-inclusive: there are skiing lessos for every age level. Everything is thought of just for them, besides recreational activities, parties and shows. Parents can say thank you: they’ll have plenty of help on keeping the children entertained.

  1. You can vary the subject – if you want

In a perfect world, there would be snow all year round and the skis would not leave our feet. But in reality… An all-inclusive brings more options for activities, even for a companion who is not so familiar with skiing. Mountain biking (in the snow), zipline, snowmobile rides, paragliding- or other exciting activities in the surrounding areas (sometimes with an additional cost).

  1. The après-ski is infinitely better!

You know better than anyone else: after a full day on the slopes,the body gets tired, sometimes it hurts, and you’re very hungry! In an all-inclusive, everything is foreseen, without you needing to worry about the organization: drinks, relaxation and gourmet meals, often prepared by chefs with Michelin stars.

  1. Non-skiers can also have fun

And quite a bit! In addition to enjoying all the comfort offered by the facilities including spas, saunas, Turkish baths (which are also available in conventional hotels), in an all-inclusive wonderful outdoor activities are planned.

  1. At the end of the day, you save money

An all-inclusive costs a lot less than a custom-made trip.Even better, stress leaves the just like that! (It was only 5 reasons? Wow, there were more!)

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