Everything you would like to know about HELI-SKI – and had no one to ask about it

Let’s uncover the mysteries of heli-ski, this challenging and exciting experience in search of snow powder!

What is heli-ski after all?

Heli-ski is a backcountry skiing experience that allows you to clear completely untouched areas, where lifts do not reach, in an unprecedented and safe and fun way: getting there by helicopter.

But do I need to jump from a helicopter?

Not at all. Jumping from a helicopter is not only dangerous, it is also not allowed! After it lands, the guide gives the necessary instructions for everyone to ski safely.

Are there various levels of heliski?

That’s right. If you are dying to test the magnificent snow powder, but are not sure if you are prepared, no problem! We take you to special areas to hone your skills.

Do I need to be advanced?

Not quite. From the intermediate level, if you master skiing in any kind of terrain and feel comfortable in the most diverse snow conditions, it is already worth it!

Can children go?

Yes. The minimum age is 12 years old, and for those at Powder Intro, 14 years old. They should ski accompanied by parents or guardians and two guides.

 Where do I stay during an heli-ski trip?

You will stay in a mountain lodge. The 12 lodges of the CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) are spread throughout British Columbia, Canada, in different ski areas with snow powder and incredible descents. Each lodge has a different decor, but all are perfect for your heliski trip.

I heard the food is great. Is it true?

Yes! At the CMH lodges, the passion for snow powder is just as great as the passion for gastronomy. The dinners are served in stages, paired with delicious wines. Every meal is an opportunity to celebrate – good food, good company and good mountain stories!


+The history of CMH, the pioneers of heli-ski

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