The sky’s the limit for those with a passion for the mountains

Discover the perfect runs for skiers who love overcoming their own limits

If you are a skier who has witnessed the liberating feeling of gliding down a mountain, the sense of freedom and exhilaration is something you will probably want to experience over and over again. The relationship with snow inevitably strengthens, and so does the willingness to perfect those winter sport skills. Limits? There are none.

We’ve chosen a few of the most challenging runs around the world for the most ambitious skiers. Who doesn’t like a good challenge, after all?

Jackson Hole, United States

This ski resort has become a favorite amongst the experts. Why? It’s mainly because of Corbet’s Couloir, the in-bounds run that is famous for its cliff. It’s no wonder the most impressive GoPro and Red Bull videos are filmed here.

Não existem fronteiras para aqueles que amam esquiar
Corbet’s Couloir, in Jackson Hole

Aspen, United States

Aspen prides itself on having diverse options for the experts: from Ajax, at Aspen Mountain, to the Highland Bowls with one of the best off-piste experiences to the famous X Games in Buttermilk.

Não existem fronteiras para aqueles que amam esquiar
Highlands Bowl, in Aspen

Whistler, Canada

Off-piste skiing is almost a life-style in Whistler. The ski resort has over 155 miles of runs and various types of terrain. The most challenging one? The Couloir and The Cirque with its narrow and steep descents.

The Couloir, in Whistler

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